Why You Need Advanced Threat Protection for Your Endpoints and Servers

A new generation of threats is attacking your endpoints and servers—you need a modern defence. Everyone knows that antivirus and removing admin rights can’t stop advanced attacks that specifically target your organisation.  You need a new generation of security for your endpoint and server defences. Why?

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Advanced threats target your endpoints and servers

Advanced attacks want to steal or corrupt the information stored on your endpoints and servers. Network security tools are great, but there’s plenty of ways for advanced attacks to still get to your data.

For example:

  • A user falls victim to social engineering
  • A laptop was disconnected from your network, so it wasn’t protected by your network security
  • A user attached an infected USB device or mobile phone to his or her PC or Mac
  • An advanced threat slipped past your AV

The digital assets you need to protect reside on those endpoints and servers. If malicious software executes on those machines, you’re in trouble.

You’re blind on your endpoints and servers.

Most security teams suffer from:

  • Limited visibility: Do you know what’s running on your endpoints and servers—right now? Most security teams have no way of knowing. If you suspect malware is in your environment, how can you tell what machines it’s on? Is it executing? What is it doing?
  • No history: When you respond to a threat, how do you trace its evolution? Do you know what arrived and executed on your endpoints and servers in the last three hours, three days or three weeks? Most security and IT teams have no historical details about activities on endpoints or servers.
  • Slow remediation: Malware spreads rapidly and silently—how do you know what machines need attention? Which ones to clean up or reimage?

The answer: You need a new generation of endpoint and server security based on
real-time visibility and prevention.

To effectively combat today’s advanced attacks, you need:

Real-time visibility into every endpoint and server on every machine you need to monitor:

  • The arrival and execution of every file with executable code (programs, scripts, etc.)
  • Every critical system resource (memory, processes, etc.)
  • System registry changes
  • USB devices
  • Critical files

This visibility must be real-time and continuous: Most malware does its damage within 15 minutes and then morphs or deletes itself. Scans and snapshots aren’t good enough. You need to know what’s resident and running right now. Bit9 provides the only real-time endpoint and server sensor and recorder.

Real-time signature-less detection

Signature-based solutions can’t protect you against advanced threats. Rather than try to detect malware via signatures, Bit9 looks for the indicators of advanced threats. For example:

  • If Adobe Acrobat or Microsoft Excel spawns an unknown executable on your computer, it’s probably malicious.
  • Processes should never run out of your recycle bin.
  • Executables shouldn’t have JPEG or PDF extensions

Bit9’s cloud-delivered Advanced Threat Indicators detect the presence of advanced threats by using Bit’s real-time sensor to detect the techniques commonly used by advanced threats.


When you have an alert or an incident you need to respond within a critical window of time. You need answers to key questions:

  • What happened on a particular machine in the last three hours or three days?
  • Is this malicious file (hash) on any of my computers right now?
  • When did it arrive?
  • Did it execute, and if it did, what did it do?

And more.

Bit9’s real-time sensor and recorder continuously monitors and records the activities on your endpoints and servers to give you the cyber forensics information you need to triage, scope, analyze, contain and remediate the incident. With Bit9, you can also instantly retrieve any file from any computer so you can analyze it yourself, submit it to a third-party, etc.


You can’t rely on your signature-based AV solution to stop advanced threats. With Bit9, you can choose from different forms of advanced endpoint prevention to match your business and systems.

  • Bit9’s unique “detonate-and-deny” approach automatically sends every new file that arrives on any endpoint or server to FireEye or Palo Alto Networks WildFire for detonation and analysis. If any of the files are malicious, Bit9 will automatically block their execution on any or all of your machines.
  • You can also use Bit9’s proactive “default-deny” approach to ensure only software that you trust can run on your machines. That stops advanced threats and other forms of malware—including targeted, customized attacks that are unique to your organization.

Network Security Integration

Until now, your network security and endpoint security have operated independently of each other. Bit9 integrates in real-time with FireEye and Palo Alto Networks to give you a unified, holistic approach:

  • When FireEye or Palo Alto Networks detects malware on the network, Bit9 automatically tells you if the malware has landed or executed on any of your endpoints and servers.
  • By knowing what’s happening on your endpoints you can immediately prioritize the alert, determine the scope of the threat, and target your remediation.
  • And using Bit’s unique “detonate-and-deny” approach you can automatically send any new files that land on your endpoints or servers to FireEye and Palo Alto Networks for analysis.

Bit9 & Palo Alto

The best security solutions leverage other technology to create a secure mesh which aims to reduce your attack surface.Bit9 leverages Palo Alto Wildfire technology to detonate and deny malware from your network in seconds.

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