Aruba ClearPass Product Suite

Aruba ClearPass Product Suite

Khipu Networks was one of the first HP Aruba partners to get to grips with the ClearPass product suite, our extensive experience of NAC, BYOD and GUEST systems allowed our technical staff to quickly become experts across the HP Aruba ClearPass suite

  • ClearPass Exchange
  • ClearPass Guest
  • ClearPass Onboard
  • ClearPass OnGuard

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ClearPass Policy Manager provides secure network access in a mobile world. It features ultra-scalable AAA with RADIUS and TACACS+ and a policy engine that leverages contextual data based on user roles, device types, app usage and location. The ClearPass Access Management System lets you create and enforce policies that extend across the network to devices and applications. This gives you total control over mobility services and a simpler way to rollout BYOD.

ClearPass Exchange

From one integrated platform, ClearPass enables you to manage network policies, securely onboard and manage devices, admit guest users, and even secure, distribute and manage mobile work apps. Best of all, it works on any network.

To reduce help-desk tickets and easily manage the influx of mobile devices, ClearPass offloads routine tasks to users through guest self-registration portals and personalised self-service employee portals.

ClearPass also leverages contextual data about user roles, devices, application use, location, and time-of-day to quickly deploy BYOD and streamline network operations across wireless, wired and VPNs.

Aruba Networks® developed ClearPass Exchange, a baseline feature of the ClearPass Access Management System, to address the need for comprehensive, adaptive security. ClearPass Exchange is the central decision point for sharing contextual data with a wide range of third-party IT systems, giving you the benefit of a coordinated defense where all components operate as one fully-integrated system.

As the gatekeeper for incoming access-layer traffic, ClearPass performs profiling, authentication and authorization of users and devices. In this role, the ClearPass server collects a wealth of valuable and authoritative contextual data such as:

  • The identity of users
  • The current status and posture of a device
  • The location of the connected user and device

This contextual data is gathered from numerous internal and third-party systems through one-way and bidirectional communication. To simplify the sharing of context, ClearPass supports a wide array of APIs and protocols, including: SQL, syslog, XML, SOAP, SAML, OAuth2, and HTTP.

Data Exchanged With Other Network Tools

For further information please read the solution brief

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ClearPass Guest

The ClearPass Guest product origins are from a product called Amigopod, which Aruba purchased and integrated into the ClearPass product suite back in 2012. Khipu Networks has extensive experience of all the product variants through to the latest ClearPass Guest solution, we have deployed across Universities, Hospitals, Schools, Councils and Retail organisations.

ClearPass Guest lets you give customers, contractors and other visitors secure guest access to wireless and wired networks. Whether you have 25 or 25,000 guests, you’ll create a rich guest experience and easily manage visitor access privileges.

Login and traffic encryption options for public networks are included with ClearPass Guest. Automated policy enforcement and quality-of-service controls allow guest access without compromising internal network security and performance.




We make it easy to create a customised guest web portal using your organisation’s logo and other distinctive brand elements. It’s equally simple to create unique data-entry fields for guest names, sponsors, email, mobile numbers and acceptance of use.

Self-registration, social logins and sponsor options ensure guest access credentials and privileges are enforced for all without burdening your IT helpdesk.

Engage your guests with targeted web-based content and advertising to promote mobile device apps, new products, and special customer loyalty offers.

For further information, download the solution brief below

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ClearPass Onboard

Khipu Networks expert engineers will work with your team to make it easy to automatically provision settings and certificates for network connectivity on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Ubuntu, Chromebook and Android mobile devices. This enables them to connect securely to any wireless and wired enterprise network.

With a built-in certificate authority, you can distribute certificates during provisioning that include user- and device-specific data. You can also utilise any MDM platform to request certs directly from ClearPass Onboard – SCEP and EST (RFC 7030).


An admin portal lets you configure and define 802.1X and certificate settings, as well as the number of devices per user. Visibility dashboard included.

For more information regarding Aruba ClearPass onboard download the PDF below

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Aruba ClearPass QuickConnect

Another excellent tool is ClearPass QuickConnect, which is a user facing portal for your users to automatically configure their devices to securely access your network. Now you can automate 802.1X device configurations for wired and wireless networks without having to create distribution-of-unique-device certificates.

For more information regarding Aruba ClearPass QuickConnect, download the PDF below.

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