Loretto School Announces Acquisition of KHIPU Networks’ Security Operations Centre (SOC) to Enhance their Cyber Security Capabilities

Friday 19th May, 2023

Loretto School recently announced that they have acquired KHIPU Networks’ Security Operation Centre (SOC) services to bolster their cyber security capabilities. The move comes in response to the increasing need for the school to protect themselves against cyber threats and safeguard their sensitive information and is a part of the school’s ongoing efforts to strengthen its cyber security infrastructure whilst ensuring they are up to date with the highest levels of protection against cyber threats.

Essential SOC

The new SOC will enable Loretto School to monitor and respond to potential security threats in real-time, ensuring that any security incidents are detected and addressed quickly and efficiently. With the rise of cybercrime and the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, having a dedicated SOC is essential to safe- guarding both their systems and their data.

With this acquisition, KHIPU will be able to offer a complete suite of cyber security solutions that includes network security, endpoint protection, data encryption, threat detection and response, and much more.

Paul Conroy, Head of IT at Loretto School, commented on their requirement, saying:

“It’s getting more and more difficult to respond to the continual wave of cyber threats, let alone ensure sufficient protective measures are in place 24×7. To address these challenges, which are very common within the education sector, we have implemented an around the clock Security Operations Centre (SOC) in partnership with KHIPU.

“The service doesn’t just alert on threats, it responds immediately, blocking and preventing attacks. It was also a service that we felt was value for money, enabling us to continually improve the school’s security posture and reputation.”

24X7 Protection

The SOC will be staffed by a team of experienced security professionals who will work around the clock to monitor and analyse security alerts and respond to potential incidents. The SOC team will also provide regular reports on security incidents, trends, and vulnerabilities, enabling Loretto School to continually improve its security posture.

Longstanding Parternship

Kyle Robinson, Senior Account Manager, at KHIPU Networks added:

“KHIPU Networks have partnered with the prestigious Loretto School for over 14 years and assist in providing support in a number of key areas within the infrastructure, like Firewalls, LAN & WAN Networks. KHIPU Networks have now been entrusted to contribute to their efforts to enhance their cyber security capabilities.”

He continued:

“Our team of highly skilled security professionals are dedicated to ensuring that Loretto School’s infrastructure and data are protected from cyber threats. We are achieving this by deploying a market-leading endpoint protection technology, Cortex XDR from Palo Alto Networks, within their data centre. This gives KHIPU the ability to pro-actively monitor both physical and virtual servers within Loretto Schools data centre, protecting them against attacks and aiding in the mitigation process should an attack occur.”

Find out more about KHIPU’s SOC services for the Education sector by checking out our video case study with Canterbury Christ Church University > 

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