KHIPU Networks Launch ‘Secure the Data Centre’ – an initiative aimed at helping South African businesses to fight cybercrime

Thursday 17th August, 2023

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From their offices in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, UK-based cyber security specialists KHIPU Networks are doubling down on their mission to protect South African businesses from an ever-evolving cyber threat landscape with their new ‘Secure the Data Centre’ offering.

Designed to help businesses of all types and sizes to address their cyber security concerns through an affordable and scalable Security Operation Centre (SOC) service, the initiative starts at R469,392.37 per year and, as is explained by KHIPU Chief Commercial Officer Matt Ashman, is ideal for organisations seeking to improve their cyber security posture:

“At KHIPU we are keen to make modern outsourced SOC services as accessible for South African businesses as possible”, explained Ashman, “Since 2019, we have been working collaboratively with our existing SOC customers to build a scalable, cost-effective 24x7x365 service and the ‘Secure the Data Centre’ initiative is the culmination of these efforts.”

He continued:

“Many businesses believe that adopting outsourced SOC services will be too expensive, whilst those that have already invested in information and event management (SIEM) platforms are finding that the level of cyber threat protection is not only inadequate but leads to an overload in alerts, causing confusion and draining valuable resources.

“Our customers want proactive and immediate threat monitoring, detection, response, and protection across their mission critical systems that are tailored to their environments and configured to ensure that alerts are focussed on what’s important to their operation.”

Branded the ‘Community SOC’ due to its unique proposition of pooling the combined threat intelligence of all KHIPU SOC customers, the service provides a host of benefits to community members, including dedicated cyber security experts who act as a seamless extension of internal IT teams.

Speaking on the launch of ‘Secure the Data Centre’ in South Africa, Guy Jermany, Chief Information Officer at KHIPU, said:

“We have spent a great deal of time listening to our existing SOC community to ensure that we fully understand how our SOC services can continuously evolve to meet their business needs.

“With this initiative, we hope to not only improve the overall cyber security posture of South African businesses, but to empower all manner of organisations to establish a SOC service that is fit-for-purpose, and most importantly, affordable with the option to scale up or down as required.”

Key features and benefits of KHIPU’s Community SOC include:

  • A fully staffed 24x7x365 “ready to go” Security Operations Centre (SOC) with dedicated SLAs that reduce your risk of being breached and minimising exposure
  • Dedicated cyber security experts who operate as a seamless extension of your team 24x7x365
  • Continuous monitoring, alerting, response and investigation of network activity and attacks
  • The immediate identification, blocking and prevention of attacks across all endpoints (including unpatched legacy Operating Systems)
  • An extensive range of automated and SOC team mitigation / remedial actions on security incidences
  • Ransomware incident response (pre-built playbooks)
  • Guaranteed access to a team of SOC experts throughout the duration of your contract – as an extension of your team – available 24x7x365
  • Monthly reviews and reports for all relevant observations, deeper and statistical analysis


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