KHIPU Networks announces appointment of first Chief Information Security Officer

Wednesday 26th October, 2022

Fleet, Hampshire (October 12th, 2022) – KHIPU Networks Limited, a leading provider of Cyber Security products and Services, today announces the appointment of its first Chief Information Security Officer. As the company grows and expands into new areas.

Roshan Harneker has over 20 years of IT sector experience in the Network Service Provider (NSP) and Internet Service Provider (ISP) industries (SA and UK), as well as the MSSP, Telecoms and Higher Education sectors. Harneker has extensive experience spanning digital forensics, network engineering, information security, cyber security, systems administration, project management, technical management and staff mentorship.

Harneker holds a MCom and BCom Honours degree in Information Systems specialising in Digital Forensics from UCT (University of Cape Town) and has guest lectured at UCT and WITS (University of Witwatersrand) about both digital forensics and information security. For the past 12 years, she has provided cyberforensic assistance in respect of, inter alia, criminal, civil and labour-related matters, some of it very high-profile. This covers a wide variety of industries including banking, insurance, mining and many other smaller commercial organisations.

Prior to joining KHIPU she worked for UCT where she built, amongst other services, the UCT CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team), the first Higher Education CSIRT in South Africa and, alongside her former team, obtained membership for UCT’s CSIRT. Within a few short months of starting at KHIPU, she had not only assessed the then-current status of KHIPU’s SOC and cyber security offerings but also worked tirelessly to build KHIPU’s SOC v2 by improving existing service offerings and bolstering the KHIPU SOC team’s capability and capacity.

“As KHIPU grows and expands into new areas, we must adapt and change to take advantage of the opportunities presented. Over the past six months, it has become apparent that creating the role of a CISO will benefit the business in several ways; by ensuring our security and incident response programs remain current and are tested regularly, offering a controlled view of our data security, designing suitable standards and controls, and managing the formulation and execution of policies and procedures both internally and externally through the CISO office.” Guy Jermany, Chief Information Officer, KHIPU Networks.

Founded in June 2005, KHIPU is a leading Cyber Security services provider with offices and staff in the UK and South Africa, KHIPU is known for a range of leading products and services, including as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with a 24x7x365 Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Networks Operations Centre (NOC). The company’s mission is to deliver innovative, cyber security services and products. KHIPU currently services in excess of 250 larger enterprise customers across a range of markets and has delivered solutions in over 30 countries.

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