Wi-Fi as a Service – WaaS

Enabling secure Wi-Fi networking for complete mobility of your workforce – without the headache of administration and day-to-day management.

KHIPU have been designing, deploying and supporting Wi-Fi for over 10 years, however the demand for Wi-Fi and BYOD is only increasing. This has led KHIPU to provide additional services to complement our offering. Every organisation requires a secure, reliable and easy-to-manage Wi-Fi networking solution to enable their workforce to be mobile, accessing resources “securely” with whatever devices they have (e.g. corporate owned or BYOD) from “any” location.

Listening to our customer’s needs, KHIPU’s “Wi-Fi as a Service – WaaS” solution addresses everything that an organisation requires to enable fast, secure and reliable wireless networking for their users including:

  • Wi-Fi equipment: The latest “802.11AC” wireless access points, controllers and associated accessories for both internal and external Wi-Fi.
  • Networking and Power Over Ethernet (POE): 1GB (upgradeable to 10GB uplinks) Power Ethernet switches for networking and powering the access points.
  • Cabling and physical mounting: To connect each of the access points to the network and mount them in their designated locations
  • Professional Services: Pre and Post-Site Surveying, Design, Installation and Commissioning (based upon our education deployment model and experience over the past 10 years).
  • SSID management and consolidation; Reduce SSID’s enabling simplified network access for your users whether staff, visitors (e.g. contractors) and guests with whatever device they have.
  • Pro-Active Support / Maintenance and Managed Services: For the ‘day to day’ running and management of the Wi-Fi network and fault resolution. Customised on-line support portal and helpdesk service, enabling you to have complete visibility of all changes and fault logs relating to your environment.
  • Web Content, filtering and bandwidth control for internet access: Being able to see, control and block content such as threats (Malware, Day Zero Attacks) and unsolicited websites

Our solution is very flexible and its cost model can be tailored to meet the customers’ requirements, whether they want a complete OPEX “per access point” model, CAPEX or mixture of both, we can provide the required financial model to make it work for you.

It is an important consideration that when deploying Wi-Fi solutions into any organisation, that they are designed to ensure reliable and high speed coverage for all areas including high density.

Our deployment methodology is based upon the experience gained in working with our customers for the past 13 years.

We have over 750+ successful WiFi-enabled projects and have amassed extensive knowledge and experience as a result. This experience ensures that a customer invests in the right solution which is secure, reliable, a long-term investment as well as easy to support and affordable.

Free of Charge Wireless Site Survey Report

Need to understand what is required and the associated costs to enable your organisation to go completely wireless?
Please contact the KHIPU team and we will provide a full report detailing everything you need to know about deploying wireless networking at your campus.

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“Aruba Networks are proud to have announced KHIPU Networks as Partner of the year 2014 – their commitment to Aruba Networks amply demonstrated by not only winning many key customers but by also far exceeding Aruba accredited engineer requirements”

Andy Clark, Channel Manager, Aruba Networks