The forgotten but critical infrastructure behind every network in the world, often overlooked, mostly under invested, often hashed together by windows servers and spreadsheets.


Dynamic Host Control Protocol (automates the availability and designating IP addresses to devices)


Domain Name Service (Like a phone book, this links names such as www.khipu-networks.com to IP addresses such as


IP address Management (ideally a relational database linking DHCP and DNS and ensuring you know what is being used where and ensuring capacity)

DDI platforms are specifically prone to being compromised, due to DNS being such a critical platform many firewalls just allow DNS to traverse networks not inspecting them to see if they are good or compromised packets.

If you have more than 250 IP addresses to manage, you should consider looking at DDI. It can be far more cost efficient than you imagine.

KHIPU have worked with the leaders in DDI since 2005 and have years of experience of all vendors and competing technologies. We can independantly advise you on the best products for your requirements and explain the positives and negatives of each manufacturer.

One of the leading manufacturers we work with is Infoblox, they have a led the world with innovative technology and powerful IPAM platforms to support some of the most demanding networks in the world.

KHIPU is one of the highest certified and experienced Infoblox partners.

DDI – Needs to be secure