How to minimise your cyber attack exposure – A case study at Coleg Cambria

Case Study 

How to minimise your cyber attack exposure

Coleg Cambria uses Jisc’s vulnerability assessment and information service to proactively manage network vulnerabilities.

The Challenge

Coleg Cambria in North East Wales, needed to ensure it could perform accurate vulnerability assessments across its myriad of devices throughout multiple campuses. The College had been using an open source vulnerability assessment service (VAS), however, the software was always behind on updates, lacked critical features and was difficult to manage.

The College was concerned that vulnerabilities were going undetected and that the network was left exposed.

The Implications

  • Their open source system was always behind the most recent vulnerability updates
  • Multiple operating systems were difficult to manage and often not supported
  • Unable to customise reports to prioritise and fix vulnerabilities
  • No means of automating patches across multiple campuses
  • Lacked the ability to schedule scans and alert on headline news vulnerabilities

The Solution

The institution required a reliable solution which had a proven track record within similar education environments. Coleg Cambria turned to the Jisc framework for vulnerability assessment and information, provided by KHIPU, to address their challenges around vulnerability management.

The Jisc solution enabled the college to ensure that all critical vulnerabilities are monitored, managed and mitigated, with priority placed on the areas of the network which matter most to the institution.

The Outcome

  • Real time vulnerability patch notification
  • Single dashboard to manage all vulnerabilities
  • Automated patch updates across multiple campuses
  • Prioritisation of critical vulnerabilities – minimising the impact of a possible breach
  • Customised scanning and scheduling = quick response and action
  • Scans automated and scheduled to suit network requirements

The Result

Coleg Cambria now have a far safer and more stable environment – reducing the networks overall risk of a cyber attack through effective vulnerability managemetn. The service has allowed the College to:

  • Identify, classify and prioritise vulnerabilities
  • Assign and remediate issues across mission critical systems
  • Store, automate and improve vulnerability patch management
  • Dynamic automated reporting for continual prioritisation, protection and prevention

“Coleg Cambria takes it’s network security very seriously – it’s crucial that we can quickly identify and mitigate any vulnerabilities across the network, whilst placing priority on areas which matter the most.

KHIPU’s service, available on the Jisc framework, is far superior to the previous solution we had been using. We now have automated and scheduled vulnerability scanning across our network, to ensure its as safe and stable as possible”

Mark Brandish

Director of Technology, Coleg Cambria

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