Universities and Colleges are protecting their institutions 24x7x365 using KHIPU’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) Services

Universities and Colleges are protecting their institutions 24x7x365 using KHIPU’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) Services


Building a cyber security service that meets the needs of HE and FE institutions takes time. In fact, it’s taken KHIPU over two years to develop and deliver a mature SOC service (Managed Detection and Response, MDR ) that is now being used by many institutions including the University of Derby and TEC Partnership.

Across the sector, our SOC teams have learnt that many of our customers want to invest into a cyber security “community-driven” service that doesn’t just provide alerting to threats, it has to be a tailorable SOC platform which blocks attacks immediately, prevents them from happening again and most importantly, is operated by experts who understand the sector and are always available.

We are very pleased to announce two recent case studies, where we have implemented very successful SOC services which are providing 24x7x365 protection and prevention against cyber-attacks. In both cases, our cyber security teams worked in partnership with the customers to develop a solution which fits their requirements and what we believe is a “blueprint” for both the FE and HE sector.

Implementing a world-class SOC at the University of Derby

University of Derby increases cybersecurity to secure the university’s researchers and scientists, some of the most highly cited in the world.

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Protection Against Sophisticated Attacks

24x7x365 Managed Detection & Response Services across multi-site HE and FE campuses.


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  • James Eaglesfield, Head of IT Governance and Portfolio, University of Derby

    The XMDR service gives us the granular visibility we’ve never had before. We can’t be certain what comes in through an endpoint. Cortex XDR, as part of the KHIPU XMDR, ensures the university has a trusted endpoint and network protection strategy proven to identify, stop, and prevent attacks.

  • Robert Morton, Group Executive Director of IT, TEC Partnership

    After reviewing and trialling different technologies, we chose KHIPU to integrate their Palo Alto Cortex XDR solution in with our Palo Alto firewall estate, which provides a standardised approach to cyber security prevention and detection. Their service also includes a 24x7x365 incident response team that have expert knowledge, experience and capabilities in monitoring and detecting threats throughout our multi-site network. We have a successful working relationship with KHIPU and look forward to their continued support and services and to also share our experiences with institutions across the educational sector.