KHIPU Networks recognises our responsibility to be a sustainable, environmentally friendly business across all of our operations.

We have held our ISO14001 environmental certification since 2014 and continually look to reduce our environmental footprint.

KHIPU are proud to be improving and increasing our ‘Greener’ way of working in support of the ongoing battle against climate change!


Techies GO Green

KHIPU Networks have signed up to Techies Go Green. As part of this movement it will allow us to:

  • Build Awareness of the issue of climate change in the larger IT community highlighting the importance of slowing down this change for future generations.
  • Identify the actions we as members of the IT community can take now to help play our part in slowing down climate change.
  • Go Carbon Neutral: Making it as easy as possible for us to measure our carbon footprint with the aim of going carbon neutral 2030!

To learn more about Techies Go Green, please click here

 Green Engineering Days!

Due to COVID 19 we were forced to adopt to new business practices with one of the major changes being the way our professional services team adapted to remote installations. This change has had an environmental benefit and allowed us become ‘Greener’ as we no longer always need to travel.

Of course we still love visiting our customers and will continue to do so but we have committed to planting 10 trees for every day of professional services engineering we deliver remotely.

We have planted many trees already and will continue to do to fight the ongoing climate change!

Track how many Trees we have planted

EV chargers at KHIPU HQ

In KHIPU’s mission to become a ‘Greener’ company we have installed 6 EV charging ports at our Headquarters based in Fleet.

Through the installation of these EV Charging ports we are promoting the use of electric cars rather than petrol cars as well as encouraging our staff and vendors to chose electric in the near future.

These ports will help us in our bid to lower the companies emission’s and overall  support the battle against climate change!


Green Energy Provider

At KHIPU Networks Headquarters we have chosen British Gas to be our main energy provider.

We as a company chose British Gas to be our energy provider as they share a similar mission as KHIPU which is to reduce carbon emission and slow down climate change.

At British Gas they use a mix of fuels to generate the electricity they provide. All of the fuels that are used generate the electricity are 100% renewables. This means at KHIPU HQ 100% of the energy we use is renewable energy.