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Identify and reduce your risk to the most common cyber threats today

New cyber security packages available to reduce your exposure to phishing attacks and vulnerable ‘unpatched’ system exploits

The most common cyber threats that our Higher and Further Education sector customers are experiencing are those related to;

  • Phishing attacks driven by a lack of awareness.
  • Vulnerable ‘unpatched’ systems constantly being exploited.
  • Unsanctioned applications being used on campus networks

By working with our customers to understand these threats and the challenges in trying to solve them, KHIPU Networks have created a number of cost-effective packages as part of Jisc’s cyber security frameworks for the education sector.

The packages, designed for both Higher and Further Education institutions, address these key cyber security concerns by identifying:

  • Overall risk to phishing attacks from both a user and infrastructure perspective.
  • Vulnerabilities in their infrastructures and how to fix them.
  • User awareness training needs – both short and long term.
  • All network activity including traffic, usage and malware.

By identifying these areas and applying best practise recommendations for on-going protection and prevention will reduce the risk of being breached by a cyberattack.

As part of the Jisc frameworks, KHIPU Networks are offering a number of packaged promotions to help address the top threat concerns identified by the HE and FE community. The packages are based upon our zero vulnerability infrastructure offering that help organisations identify their main risks to cyber attacks, so that recommendations can be made. They include the following assessments:

  • USERS: Simulated Phishing Campaigns and User Training services
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: Vulnerability Assessments: Internal and External scans
  • NETWORK TRAFFIC: Cloud, Network, User and Application/Threat Visibility Assessments

A report will be produced detailing all findings with best practise recommendations for an improved cyber security posture. It will be reviewed with KHIPU Networks and you, as part of a strategic alignment with your organisation.

The packages are designed to assess your environment and risk so you can make improvements based upon the findings and recommendations. These are then validated to ensure any changes have been implemented correctly.

The new cyber security packages are made of the following Jisc Frameworks, exclusively available to the HE and FE sector:

These cyber security services have been very successful for many institutions; University of Winchester, University of Leeds, North-West University, Hartlepool College of Further Education, Guildford College, Brighton and Hove College, Havering 6th Form College, Coleg Cambria and Warwickshire College.


Assess your environment’s risk to phishing attacks and determine user awareness training needs

Available via the Jisc single supplier framework:

Simulated Phishing and Associated Awareness

Cyber Risk Assessment: Phishing

This cyber risk service enables you to understand your organisations exposure to phishing attacks, allowing you to implement sufficient staff training and cyber security enhancements.

KHIPU Networks uses simulated phishing attacks to assess how users react to phishing emails so that the right level of awareness training can be provided to educate them on cyber security and breach prevention (personal and work related).


99% of vulnerabilities are known – identify, prioritise and patch them

Available via the Jisc single supplier framework:

Vulnerability Assessment and Information Service

Cyber Risk Assessment: Vulnerabilities

Our vulnerability assessment service will identify which of your systems are vulnerable to exploits and how to fix them.

This enables you to make informed decisions on which systems are most important to your organisation so you can prioritise and remediate them (including advanced endpoint protection for ‘patching the un-patchable’).


What applications are being used, are they a risk and have you been infected by malware

Available via the Jisc Network Equipment Framework

Lot 7 Palo Alto Networks 

Visit our cyber security microsite for the education sector for more information, customer stories and more next-generation security for the next-generation

Cyber Risk Assessment: Visibility

Many perimeter security (i.e. Firewalls) systems are unable to identify network traffic at the application level therefore cannot identify or protect against zero-day malware attacks, let alone enable you to determine what applications are being used by your workforce.

This service provides a risk assessment based on the analysis of the traffic traversing your network including public and private cloud, taking into account the different types of applications, how they are being used, their relative security risk and if you have been infected by malware.


If you are interested in the PROMOTION which includes an additional Phishing and Vulnerability Risk Assessment, please complete the form and our team will send you a cost proposal. The promotion is based upon a purchase order/invoice before 2nd December 2019.

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UK Public Sector Purchasing Frameworks

KHIPU Networks has been awarded supplier on Jisc’s new public sector framework – read more

The below Jisc frameworks are available via a direct award to KHIPU:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Information Service – read more
  • Simulated Phishing and Associated Awareness – read more
  • Network Equipment Framework ‘Lot 7 Palo Alto Networks’ – read more

Can you achieve a network with zero vulnerabilities?

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Zero Vulnerability Infrastructure

Read more about our cyber risk assessment services that address key areas of your environment for maximum protection and prevention against cyber attacks. Free scan available!

Cyber Security Documentary

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  • Rob Spalding, Head of Infrastructure at Anglia Ruskin University

    “Using Jisc’s vulnerability assessment service enables the University to have a pro-active approach to cyber security. By having an automated solution that not only identifies vulnerabilities before they can be exploited, it reports on which systems will be affected and what actions need to be undertaken to protect them. This automated approach is vital in the defense against cyber-attacks including the recent ransomware which made headline news. The service, provided by KHIPU Networks via the Jisc VAS framework, has been an immediate success for the University, with a quick return on investment.”

  • Gerrard Shaw, Network Support Officer at Havering College

    "We decided to work with KHIPU Networks via the Jisc framework, as their simulated phishing and awareness offering was exactly what we needed and within our budget. We strongly recommend FE institutions explore the Jisc framework for this service, as we feel social awareness is vital for the on-going prevention of attacks” 

  • Mark McKay, Head of ICT at Guildford College Group

    “Using the simulated phishing services, provided by KHIPU Networks, gave us the ability to be one step ahead of attacks and offer an education on good practices to our users which they can use anywhere in life”

  • Sean Ashford, Network Manager at University of Winchester

    “Using KHIPU’s Vulnerability Assessment Service, via the Jisc framework, helped our organisation gain its cyber essentials certification”

  • Steve Kennett, Director of Security at Jisc

    “New security vulnerabilities are being discovered and exploited by cybercriminals daily. For education organisations with large and diverse IT networks, it can be hard enough to simply understand their exposure to known vulnerabilities, let alone try to coordinate patching and testing against them. The Vulnerability Assessment Service is designed to relive this pressure, and prevent outbreaks like WannaCry before they happen.”

  • Dave Neild, Cyber Security Architect, University of Leeds

    “The strongest and weakest layer of defence against phishing attacks are your users. It’s vital to understand your organisations risk to these cyber-attacks and be able to provide the necessary awareness training and tools to limit your exposure. Using the Jisc framework for simulated phishing and awareness training, provided by KHIPU Networks, we have been able to test our security posture and identify key areas to help protect the University from future attacks.”