Webinar Series: Cyber Security During Lockdown

Monday 11th May, 2020 - Monday 21st December, 2020

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We are hosting weekly 15 and 30 minute webinars on key industry topics all around Cyber Security, Networking and Wi-Fi. Each session provides an overview of the challenges, outcomes and requirements our customers our experiencing, the solutions available and the benefits gained. Over the forthcoming months, we are hosting the following webinar series:

  • Your route to a Zero Vulnerability Infrastructure: Cyber Security Risk Assessments – (11:30 Monday/14:30 Friday)
  • Simulated Phishing and Awareness Training Services – (11:30 Tuesday/14:30 Thursday)
  • Vulnerabilities Scanning and Assessment Services – (11:30 Wednesday/14:30 Wednesday)
  • Identify/Report and Automatically remove malicious emails from all users inbox – (11:30 Thursday/14:30 Tuesday)
  • Assess your security risk of your Perimeter, Public and Private Cloud environment – (11:30 Friday/14:30 Monday)