The SOC Diaries: Tales of the Unexpected 15 Minute Webinars

Thursday 28th September, 2023

Our ‘Always Available’ SOC service provides 24x7x365 advanced cyber defence across endpoints, networks and the cloud – proactively identifying and blocking malware, ransomware, file and file-less attacks by focusing on five key areas; IdentifyAlertInvestigateMitigate and Continuous Improvement.

We are pleased to invite you to our next two 15-minute ‘SOC Diaries’ webinars on the 28th September at 10:00 BST  and 11:00 SAST where we will be showcasing a range of tools, strategies and first hand customer stories that organisations can use to stay ahead of cyber-attacks. Some of the topics we will cover include threat intelligence, endpoint protection, network security and incident response.

Robbie Petrie, Senior SOC Analyst at KHIPU, will lead the session, sharing insights on how to implement these solutions effectively as well as responding to any questions or concerns you may have regarding the presentation topics.

By joining you will:

  • Hear our customer stories, our new series ‘The SOC Diaries’ (Episodes 4-6) – you can find details on earlier episodes here >
  • Learn about our SOC Offerings and discover the latest strategies and tools to keep your organisation secure.
  • Be granted an opportunity to ask questions and get best advice tailored to your specific organisation’s needs.

Register below and get a head start in the fight against cyber threats. In just 15 minutes, you can secure your infrastructure with our 24x7x365 SOC!






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