Remote Working – How to utilise your Palo Alto Networks investment and plan for COVID-19 Pandemic

Monday 16th March, 2020 - Friday 27th March, 2020

Remote Working – Palo Alto Networks promotions to optimise home working during the COVID-19 Pandemic . 

Due to the increasing concerns over the COVID_19 outbreak, many businesses, schools and universities have started implementing home working where possible.

To assist this, in partnership with Palo Alto Networks, we have put together a number of promotions helping our customers temporarily bridge the working from home requirement. As we have seen an increase in interest regarding the usage and configuration of GlobalProtect, the following extended trial license offers will be of interest to many customers:

  • Offer 1 – For existing Palo Alto Networks customers – the entire next generation firewall range support basic always-on, secure access with GlobalProtect. We’re offering a free 90-day GlobalProtect subscription trial for secure mobile access. Customers who need additional next generation firewall hardware capacity can contact us so we can help expedite hardware shipments.
  • Offer 2 – For new Prisma Access customers, time is of the essence, so we’re offering free, accelerated deployment and onboarding of remote users.
  • Offer 3 – For existing Prisma Access customers who need to onboard additional capacity, we will cover unanticipated spikes at no additional cost for 90 days.

Please join our webinar series, where we will explain how to make the best use out of your investments:

  • How existing customers can utilise the inbuilt GlobalProtect VPN functions of the firewall.
  • How to determine scale and limitations
  • Using the GlobalProtect subscription when mobile access is required
  • Using Prisma Access to make extra resource available

We will be hosting these on the following dates and times:

  • 18th  March: 14:00 UK / 16:00 SA
  • 20th March: 10:00 UK / 12:00 SA

Please complete the form to register your interest here and confirm which date is best for you.

For further reading on remote access using Palo Alto Networks, please view the following links:

If you have any other queries on solutions for home working, please contact the KHIPU team.