Proofpoint CLEAR: Closing the Loop on Your Email Security

Monday 15th June, 2020 - Saturday 31st October, 2020

Email fraud and phishing attacks cost organisations billions of pounds a year worldwide – making it the single most expensive Cyber Security problem of today.

Combining the power of KHIPU and Proofpoint’s CLEAR solution you can empower your users to stop active attacks with just one click. Together with Cyber Security Awareness Training, CLEAR arms your last line of defence against Phishing attempts, if an attacker sneaks past the perimeter.

Proofpoint CLEAR boosts the visibility of phishing campaigns and automatically processes employee-reported malicious messages, emphasising the positive and direct impact that informed employees can have on improving the security posture of your organisation.

Proofpoint’s Closed-Loop Email Analysis and Response (CLEAR) solution, is a complete closed-loop approach to instant end-user email reporting, analysis, and remediation. Once reported, CLEAR automatically analyses messages against multiple intelligence and reputation systems, reducing an organisation’s typical threat triage time from days to minutes without requiring additional work from human analysts.


Register for a 30 minute virtual CLEAR CONVERSATION, where we can talk through your Email security strategy and be entered into our prize draw to win one of the below prizes:

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