Leverage your Security Controls – PICUS 15 minute webinar!

Thursday 20th January, 2022 - Thursday 3rd February, 2022

KHIPU Networks are proud to announce their newest partnering with Picus Security, the award-winning pioneers of breach and attack simulation. This partnership enables KHIPU to offer an automated approach to security control validation, so organisations can continuously monitor, assess and improve the posture and performance of their security systems.

Picus Security evaluates security controls against the entire cyber kill chain with thousands of virtual cyber threats, allowing organisations to stay proactive. It shows organisations exactly where gaps exist and how to mitigate them on prevention and detection layers, while offering actionable insights. It’s a complete security control validation platform, empowered by the largest technology alliance ecosystem in the industry.

We are running 15 minute webinars on 20th January and 3rd February at 10 am, where you can discover how KHIPU and Picus can help your organisation:

  • Simulate over 10k attacks and techniques, including phishing & ransomware.
  • Evaluate the performance of prevention and detection technologies.
  • Quickly identify and mitigate threat coverage and visibility gaps.
  • Obtain easy-to-apply prevention signatures and SIEM & EDR detection rules.
  • Measure assessment results and see them mapped to MITRE ATT&CK.
  • Procure through the SBS framework.

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