Integration and Automation: Utilise your Infrastructure

Thursday 21st September, 2023

We are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to our upcoming exclusive event on 21st September at KHIPU HQ Fleet, Hampshire.

Join us where we will showcase how the cutting-edge technologies of Palo Alto Networks, Mimecast, Infoblox, and HPE Aruba seamlessly integrate with each other to create a fortified and unified cybersecurity and networking ecosystem. This event will offer you a unique opportunity to witness live demonstrations and gain valuable insights into how the integration between these industry-leading manufacturers enhances the efficiency, security, and resilience of your organisations infrastructure. Join us for an enlightening day as we explore the power of collaborative technology and its potential to elevate your organisation to new heights of digital excellence.


Event Details: Date: 21st September// Registration from 10.00, lunch and Networking from 13.00 (BST)



Welcome and Introduction: Get to know the hosts and fellow attendees, along with an overview of the day’s activities.

Palo Alto Networks: Learn about the latest advancements in cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions and how they can bolster your network’s defence.

Mimecast: Discover the power of cloud-based email security and cyber resilience, protecting your organisation from evolving threats.

Infoblox: Gain insights into DNS security, network automation, and how to strengthen your network’s foundation.

HPE Aruba: Explore the future of secure, AI-driven networking solutions, optimising connectivity and mobility across your enterprise.

Integration Overview: Partners will showcase live demonstrations and use cases illustrating how the integration between these manufacturers empowers your organisation with robust security, operational efficiency, and heightened productivity.

Hosted BBQ: Conclude the event with a delightful BBQ, where you can unwind, network with peers, and discuss the integration possibilities presented throughout the day.


Please register your interest below to secure your spot, as the event capacity is limited.


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