Webinar Invite: Don’t be victim to a cyber-attack – How to avoid phishing and protect against it?

Monday 22nd April, 2019 - Thursday 2nd May, 2019

User education on what signs to look out for when an email arrives that looks or feels suspicious greatly reduces successful phishing attacks and user device compromises. However, since user behaviour cannot be controlled and is not predictable, awareness should be complemented by solution-driven phishing detection to ensure maximum protection and prevention.

Last year KHIPU partnered with Proofpoint – market leaders in email protection – to help customers identify their risk to a range of cyberattacks so that weaknesses in their environments can be identified with recommendations on how to resolve and provide on-going protection and prevention.

Join our webinar “Don’t be victim to a cyber-attack – How to avoid phishing and protect against it”, where Proofpoint will present how they take a people-centered approach to meet security and compliance requirements including:

  • Identifying and stopping advanced cyber threats that target your people
  • Protecting the information they create and access
  • Ensuring your Office 365 environment is secure
  • Securing their personal activity and train them to spot and report attacks before they spread

For attendees who have active email security projects, we will offer a FREE proof of concept installation that is a full deployment of Proofpoint in your live environment (non-service affecting).

Please register below for the following dates at 11:30: 23rd April, 1st and 2nd May 2019.

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