ASAUDIT 15 Minute Webinars: Networking, WiFi & Cyber Security

Wednesday 5th June, 2019 - Saturday 29th June, 2019

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In partnership with ASAUDIT, we are hosting weekly 15 webinars on key education sector topics all around networking, wifi and cyber security. Each session provides an overview of the challenges and requirements our customers our experiencing, the solutions available and the benefits gained. Over the forthcoming months, we are hosting the following webinars:

  • Understand and manage vulnerabilities across your entire network
    • Free vulnerability scan (up to 10 IP addresses) available
  • Phishing Prevention Initiative: How to identify and reduce your risk to phishing attacks
    • Free simulated phishing campaign available
  • How to gain a complete picture of what applications are on your network, are they allowed, have you been compromised (in partnership with Palo Alto Networks)
    • Free application and threat visibility report  available
  • Digital Transformation with WiFi 6/802.11 AX (in partnership with HPE Aruba)
    • Free WiFi survey available
  • Patch the un-patchable, unsupported operating systems with advanced endpoint protection (in partnership with Palo Alto Networks)