15 minute Phishing Webinars

Tuesday 3rd January, 2023 - Monday 3rd July, 2023

Don’t be victim to a cyber-attack – How to avoid phishing and protect against it?

Whether staff, students or guests, raising user awareness on what signs to look out for when a suspicious looking email arrives, helps to greatly reduce the risks of being part of a successful phishing attack and ultimately seeing compromised user devices. However, since user behaviour cannot be controlled and is not predictable, awareness should be complemented by solution-driven phishing detection to ensure maximum protection and prevention.

Working in partnership with our HE and FE customers, KHIPU launched its Phishing Prevention Initiative to help the education sector identify its risk to a range of cyberattacks so that weaknesses in their environments can be identified with recommendations on how to resolve and provide on-going protection and prevention.

Please join our 15-minute webinars where we provide insights to how our HE and FE customers are tackling the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, including phishing which is a huge problem for every institution, and how they have benefitted from the services that have been implemented. You will learn about how KHIPU takes a people-centered approach to meet the security and compliance requirements of the education sector including:

  • Identify and block phishing attacks: Type of attack, how widespread it is and what necessary actions are needed.
  • Identify the risk of people opening phishing emails and being compromised: So that the right type of awareness training can be provided.
  • Understand what systems could be compromised by such an attack: Vulnerabilities, poor passwords, other weaknesses.
  • Visualise all apps that are being used on your network, private / public cloud: Are they allowed, have you been compromised?


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