The Essential Guide to MITRE ATT&CK Round 4

See how endpoint security solutions performed.

Explore Which Solution Is Right for You.


For Round 4 of the MITRE ATT&CK® evaluations, 30 vendors participated to see how their solutions stacked up in defending against modern threats. These tests leveraged the tactics, techniques and procedures of two sophisticated threat groups: Wizard Spider and Sandworm.

If you’re considering an XDR or EDR vendor, the MITRE ATT&CK evaluations provide an objective look at each solution’s performance. These evaluations matter as they closely reflect the efficacy organisations can expect in the face of real-world threats.

Download the e-book to learn:

  • How vendors performed across various measures.
  • How to use the evaluations to compare XDR and EDR solutions.
  • How Cortex XDR® approaches threat detection in the context of the ATT&CK framework.

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