Next Generation Secure Access

How do you allow secure remote access now?

  • Do you have an easy to use VPN solution?
  • Does it provide granular access based upon role / location?
  • Can you allow contractors to use it?
  • Does it support all the remote devices your staff use?
  • Can you report on access?
  • Can you check the devices connecting to your network are safe?
  • Can you provide virtual access instead?

Khipu Design, Deploy and Support lots of Remote Access Solutions

KHIPU have been provided remote access solutions since 2005, like the video to the left, technology has moved on. As such KHIPU works with manufacturers such as PulseSecure, HPe Aruba, Palo Alto Networks and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise which allows us to propose the best remote access solution for your requirements – whatever and wherever they are.