Drone Detection and Prevention

Drone Detection and Prevention

Why should this be important to you?

With upwards of 1.5 million drones being sold in December 2017 in the UK alone, the world is awash with drones.

Mostly they used harmlessly, however it is potentially very simple to upgrade your normal drone into:-

  • Hacker Drone (Kits available on the internet)
  • Smuggling Drone (Used extensively to smuggle banned goods into secure areas; prisons, festivals etc.)
  • Privacy Invasion (To steal trade secrets, new car details, sport team training, blackmail etc.)
  • Terrorism

Khipu Drone Detection Services

KHIPU can provide mobile, temporary or permanent Drone Detection services for your organisation.

Using state of the art technology we can provide 24x7x365 monitoring of the airspace you wish to protect.

We can identify:-

  • Number of Drones infringing your airspace.
  • Manufacturer and Model of drones infringing your airspace.
  • MAC Address (Unique Identifier)
  • Location & Flight Path of Drones
  • Flight times and duration
  • Location of the drone operator
  • CounterStrike* – We can assist in drone disablement should it be legally permitted.

*note: Currently many countries consider drones as “aviation” and it is illegal to directly counter-attack or hinder its flight.  There are some good reasons for this, mainly safety of people underneath a disabled drone.