Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services


KHIPU Networks has a unique set of cyber risk assessments, designed to identify holes in your environment which make it vulnerable to a wide range of common attacks. These assessments provide the information you need to justify investment in the ‘right’ cyber security solutions to maximise protection and prevention.


Phishing attacks and scams are at an all time high, taking advantage of recent news around the Russia and Ukraine War to exploit organisations and people. The attacks are also very sophisticated, successfully reaching users without being detected and stopped by perimeter security systems.

Why now is the time?

  1. Education is at the forefront of all cybersecurity defences, well-trained users are less likely to fall for the inevitable influx of phishing attempts coming their way.
  2. Your users may have more time available while at home. Cybersecurity awareness courses are often neglected by users due to lack of time. Now could be an ideal opportunity to provide more training.
  3. Normal ‘while in the office’ security behaviour may not function as usual. As users adjust to being at home, they could be more exposed and susceptible to phishing attacks.

Cyber security Systems


Penetrations Testing and Vulnerability Management


Our vulnerability assessment service will identify which of your systems are vulnerable to exploits and how to fix them. This enables you to make informed decisions on which systems are most important to your organisation so you can prioritise and remediate them.

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