We are recruiting for the best of the best, or those who want to try to be the best,  so if you’re looking for a new challenge and want to accelerate your career – we are offering excellent and rewarding opportunities for driven candidates of all levels. 

No Recruitment Agencies Please (unless you wish to apply for one of the vacancies).


We are a 130 person strong company, and no matter what, everyone is willing to support each other.

With a very strong team culture across all departments, this enables us to provide outstanding service to our customers, suppliers and manufacturers – as well as help careers flourish.



Not only do we have fully staffed 24*7 commercial, technical and support teams, who are always available to assist our customers at any time of the day.

We operate in a rapidly evolving industry and our cutting-edge solutions reflect the changing needs of our industry and the world we all live in.


Why work hard, if you can’t have fun too? KHIPU are always involved in remarkable company-wide events including team building trips to Dubai, South Africa, as well as regular social events ensuring that we continue to collaborate as a company.

We know how to reward hard work!

Just Ask Our Team

  • John Ayres, Bid & Contracts Manager

    Having worked at KHIPU for just over a decade, the company have always made a conscious effort to take care of and develop the careers of its staff members. KHIPU has successfully grown year-on-year with the working environment remaining engaging, rewarding and supportive. Regular varied events also take place which allow for team-building within KHIPU across its departments.

  • Gareth Trollip, Country Manager - South Africa

    I enjoy working for KHIPU because at KHIPU you are never just a number. Every employee is an integral part of the team with clearly defined responsibilities. We are never siloed and have insight into every team and process. We are a nimble and dynamic company who work and play hard. Working in Cyber Security can be challenging and rewarding at the same time and I must say at KHIPU, it’s more fun than anything!

  • Mervin Bouah, KARMA Analyst

    Working for KHIPU Networks is truly amazing for the reason that from a professional point of view this company offers a great start to your career and provides a tonne of opportunities to grow in to a position at a pace that matches you.

    The company culture is truly progressive with a group of like-minded individuals, where your time at the company is one where you can truly learn to feel part of a great team and you can be encouraged to put your best foot forward in the working environment.

  • Zoe Grierson, Finance and HR Assistant

    I started out at KHIPU as an apprentice and immediately felt welcomed into the small company. 11 years later and not such a small company, I feel that I have been supported and encouraged to get to where I am today. KHIPU make you feel that they are always open to discuss ideas and progression as a growing business. It’s a pleasure to be part of the team and contribute to the journey of the company.

  • Michaela Smith, Sales Support Team Leader

    I have worked at KHIPU for 8 years now, and I love working here because as a whole they look after us in all aspects. They have always allowed me to follow my ambitions and allowed to me to progress further in my role. I received extra training to do this and always receive any help if needed. Also we receive so many benefits as a company, we have pensions, private healthcare and always get together as a company at least twice a year. The last year especially during these uncertain times has been scary, but KHIPU has still helped us through and always finding great ideas to keep us motivated and seeing each other virtually.

  • Leon Rheeder, SOC Analyst

    I joined KHIPU looking for a new challenge – and KHIPU has not disappointed in meeting that challenge. I have been welcomed with open arms and provided with great support from my new team and management. KHIPU has a large focus on training and upskilling staff and is definitely a perk for someone looking to get great exposure and experience. I like working at KHIPU because they have enabled me to do what they hired me to do – while my team has given me a sense of belonging and a sense of personal fulfillment. It has been such a great journey so far which can only get better and better as time goes on.


  • Opportunities to sell unique solutions built upon market leading manufacturers.

  • We have a highly skilled, certified and dedicated pre-sales team to support you throughout the entire sales cycle.

  • A powerful new business development team who generate qualified leads for you to close and develop.

  • One of industry’s best technical departments for implementing and managing projects of any size.

  • Award winning customer services teams proven to deliver exceptional service delivery and post-sales support.

  • We have our own fully staffed #NOC and #SOC providing 24x7x365 #Networking#WiFi and #CyberSecurity Managed Services.

  • Exceptional customer references and case studies for all of our solutions and services

  • Extensive range of public sector direct award frameworks for everything we sell, install, support and manage.

  • And of course – an uncapped commission structure, incentives, awards, top performers club, plus a management / executive team who will fully support your growth and help you win!

  • Whether you are new to sales or experienced, if you have aptitude to be the best, we would love to hear from you.

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