Sustainability Policy Statement

This Policy sets out our commitment to work in a way that considers the long terms needs of all those affected by our activities, including our customers, contractors, suppliers and members of the public and will ensure the health and safety of everyone whilst minimising our impacts on the environment and providing an excellent quality of service to our stakeholders.

This document outlines the company’s sustainability policy, which is supported by other policies, procedures and targets that have been incorporated into the Company management System.

We display this policy at our offices and make it available through our website & intranet to everyone who works for us or on our behalf and to any interested parties on request.

Our Sustainability Vision

Sustainability is a part of everything that we do. Our vision for sustainability drives us to continually improve ensuring that we see our partners, customers, and communities thrive in a future which is environmentally and socially sustainable.

We will seek to minimise our impact on the environment by reducing our carbon footprint and by monitoring our use of the resources that are required to operate our business. We will seek to maximise the potential for the reuse and recycling of materials on every project and actively promote methods aimed at minimising waste.

Profitable Markets

As well as complying with all relevant legal and other requirements, company procedural standards and technical standards. We work to and are certified by the globally recognised standards of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISO45001.

We are committed to deliver a service that respond to the needs and aspirations of all our customers and a sustainable society. We expect the same standards of excellence from our supply chain and use only services and products provided by KHIPU selected, approved, preferred or certified suppliers who have met our supplier criteria.

We will continue to deliver products and services which have a low environmental impact across their lifecycle.

Healthy Communities

We engage our people in sustainability whilst partnering with our supply chain to deliver sustainable solutions and we continue to work with the communities around us to improve the quality of life for those communities. We are passionate about ensuring we promote healthier lifestyles for all of our people including the communities we work with.

We believe in working partnerships and actively seek to influence policy both locally and Internationally through our membership of various organisations, groups and working parties which are directly connected to our industry.

We are committed to improving and protecting the health and safety of our workforce and the communities affected by our operations and will establish a “zero harm” culture within our business.

Authorised and Supported by the KHIPU Board of Directors

Click here for a copy of our environmental policy.