PulseSecure is a new company formed from the sale of part of the security portfolio from Juniper Networks. Whilst it is a new company name, the technology it develops has an excellent track record and is rock solid with thousands of satisfied customers. Probably most well known for their SSL VPN and Steel Belt RADIUS products. Khipu is pleased to be one of the first formal resellers of the PulseSecure product range, we have over 10 years experience of their products under the Juniper name.

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PulseSecure Product Range

Pulse Connect Secure: SSL-VPN

Whereas many companies use traditional IPSEC VPN’s for specialised staff access, they do not provide the ease of use or granularity of security for all user types. The SSL-VPN can be accessed by any device, anywhere securely and also lends itself to allow you to create secure customer portals for file access.

Support for the broadest variety of browsers and OS platforms Pulse Connect Secure delivers seamless and blazing-fast end-user access to corporate networks and resources.

Out-of-the-box host-checking and device compliance features ensure connectivity for both trusted and untrusted devices. Pulse Connect Secure supports leading web technologies and technology standards such as HTML5 and IPv6. Plus, its broad Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows for interoperability with leading players such as VMWare, Citrix, and Microsoft.


Pulse Workspace – BYOD Solution

A trusted BYOD container for iOS and Android that secures apps and preserves the native user experience.

Pulse Policy Secure – NAC & BYOD Solution

A highly secure, end-to-end NAC and BYOD solution for mobility-
driven enterprises.

Pulse One – Centralised Management

Streamlined access management of enterprise services and apps in the data centre
and cloud.

Pulse Appliances – Purpose Built Appliances

Deliver SSL VPN connectivity or network access control through a single converged gateway.

Odyssey Access Client – Secure Network Access

Robust security for both wired and wireless networks, ensuring safe and integrity of user credentials and data.

Steel Belted Radius – Authenticated Access

Interoperable, standards-based AAA/RADIUS server that define a scalable authentication control for global enterprises.

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For more information on PulseSecure, please contact the Khipu sales team on +44 (0)345 272 0900

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