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Ordr Systems Control Engine. The first actionable AI-based systems control engine for the hyper-connected enterprise. You’re in control.
There is an urgent need for innovative solutions that are tailor-made for managing IoT risks. The widespread penetration of insecure devices, and companies’ use of smart systems to drive new services and revenue growth, have dramatically expanded attack surfaces. At the same time, hackers are becoming ever more adept at exploiting IoT vulnerabilities, as recent sophisticated security breaches have highlighted.

Ordr has a unique approach which accurately identifies IoT devices and vulnerabilities, manages risks, and protects new and legacy business-critical systems. “Traditional security models do not have the precision required to identify and prevent directed attacks against IoT systems,” said Pandian Gnanaprakasam, CEO and co-founder of Ordr. “Ordr identifies, monitors, and protects every IoT device and system in the enterprise.”



Many industries are grappling with the novel security challenges posed by IoT. These are especially acute in healthcare, as the recent WannaCry ransomware attack demonstrated. “The problems for hospitals are operational and financial, as device malware infections degrade medical device performance or even shut down clinical operations, sometimes across entire departments,” observed Lynne Dunbrack, Research Vice President at IDC Health Insights.


If you would like to learn more about providing visibility of your IoT devices, the risks they bring to your organisation and how to be in charge of your network.

Ordr Systems Control Engine monitors and analyzes all device communications, and delivers real-time communications flow analytics. Regulate flow and behavior by device type, group, location, function, application, the control is yours. Ordr SCE automatically detects anomalous behavior including out of flow communication, unusual data and application usage, and off baseline cadence and activity. And it’s real-time, so any new connected systems are immediately regulated when connected.


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