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These days, your network must support an escalating number of on-demand applications and split-second response times. As a result, your network infrastructure is becoming more complex. It’s composed of diverse, often siloed, multi-vendor infrastructure, including mobile devices at the edge and data center infrastructure. To make everything run smoothly, your network engineers likely rely on manual processes and poorly integrated solutions. These approaches hinder agility, do not provide complete visibility, and are not scalable. They make it increasingly difficult to meet the increasing demands for service delivery and reliability your enterprise—and your customers—require.

With Infoblox NetMRI, you can gain control over your highly complex network infrastructure. It simplifies and automates management of multi-vendor environments and enforce best practices, compliance mandates, and security policies.

  • Detect and automate network changes, and see who changed what, where, when and assess the impact of changes on the health and stability of the network
  • Reduce guesswork with complete discovery, dynamic inventory and a view of all network devices, network constructs, their dependencies and topology
  • Identify suboptimal configurations with intelligent analysis of device configurations before problems arise
  • Ensure consistency and minimise time to prove compliance with built-in regulatory standards and customizable compliance reports
  • Improve capacity management and rogue device detection with a switch port management option
  • Automates analysis of network device vulnerabilities for Cisco devices, including PSIRTs, field notices, end of life milestones, and field notices
  • Network Security Officer, University of Westminster

    Khipu Networks assists us in our mission to allow our students and faculty’s to access many of new emerging web-based applications, but to first and foremost ensure that they and the network they are attached to remains protected. Seeing all that is actually running on our networks finally makes this possible.

  • Head of Systems & Security, University of Nottingham

    Using Khipu’s remote registration solution, the student move-in period for 2012 was our most successful in-take to date. We had over 5,500 students remotely register to our service so that upon arrival, they simply connected to our network as if they were at home, with no impact to their experience or to our helpdesk service team.

Complete Network Change and Impact Analysis

Trinzic NetMRI detects and tracks all network changes-including who changed what, where and when, and the impact of changes-and saves every historical device configuration with easy side-by-side comparisons. This automated network performance monitoring also includes embedded jobs, scripts and customisable templates to help you move away from manual CLI-based changes.

Trinzic NetMRI leverages hundreds of standards and industry best practices to understand and correlate the impact of change on both network health and compliance. Instead of assuming a change works, Trinzic NetMRI network performance monitoring detects the change and completes an automated analysis to identify variances from correct configuration and vulnerabilities to the stability of the network. Auto-generated issues, graphical summaries and the unique Network Scorecard highlight whether changes have a positive or negative impact on the network.

Proactive Network Configuration Management

Trinzic NetMRI identifies and exposes lurking and intermittent problems often caused by poor configurations, which are typically very difficult and sometimes impossible to troubleshoot. Using built-in expertise and analytic techniques to identify network issues and poor configurations, Trinzic NetMRI detects symptoms before they evolve into faults.

Focusing on a holistic network view and analysis instead of just individual devices, Trinzic NetMRI helps you discover hidden problems and remediate them faster than any manual processes can. By uncovering potential issues early, Trinzic NetMRI empowers you to take preventive action proactively well before the end user experiences poor performance or application degradation.

Total View of the Network

Instead of manual spread sheets and generic ping sweeps, Trinzic NetMRI offers complete network discovery and dynamic inventory for multi-vendor, Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks elements. User-friendly analysis and graphical views provide rich information on network elements, including devices, VLANs, routes, routing tables, HSRP peers, subnets, OS and models.

Trinzic NetMRI automatically collects information in real time and continuously keeps it up to date, making it always available for key tasks such as inventory, troubleshooting and maintenance reconciliation. Find planned and rogue devices automatically, report on variances as they happen, and highlight the network connections across the entire infrastructure. Also, automatically sync the rich network data with Infoblox’s IP address management solution.

Automated Network Compliance and Standardisation

Trinzic NetMRI solves the problem of network compliance and standardisation by automating the process with built-in rules and templates for common standards, including PCI, NSA, SANS, DISA and others, and also allowing you to create your own custom policies and reports. Trinzic NetMRI passes each rule across every single network device 24/7, and highlights all violations immediately as detected.

Employing customisable attributes/policies and continuous proactive monitoring, Trinzic NetMRI alerts you to any rule violation, shows you who caused the problem and offers remediation options in real time. Instead of spending weeks chaotically compiling the information for audits, you are able to generate reports for both internal standards and external mandates (such as SOX, HIPAA, FERC and NERC) automatically with a single click.


Switch Port Management Visibility

Often organisations add unnecessary switch port capacity to be safe, which both increases security risks because of limited visibility and also compounds expenses. By adding Trinzic Switch Port Manager to Trinzic NetMRI, you can automatically track connected end devices and monitor what was connected, by whom, when and where.

Trinzic Switch Port Manager lets you easily identify and locate rogue devices or use device forensics for troubleshooting. Since Trinzic Switch Port Manager monitors all end devices, determining used, free and available ports is easy and simple and allows IT teams to plan capacity throughout the organisation with more assurance and insight.

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