Existing technologies are failing to help security teams detect and effectively respond to modern cyber-attacks, typically due to limited understanding of user behaviour or an incomplete view of the attack.

As part of KHIPU’s cybersecurity portfolio, Exabeam provides user behaviour analytics leveraging existing log data to detect modern attacks, prioritise incidents and help security teams work smarter – allowing them to detect and respond to cyber-attacks in 51 percent less time, both on premises or in the cloud.

The Exabeam Difference

With the explosive growth of log data and the scarcity of security expertise, legacy SIEMs are becoming more expensive and leaving organisations open to increasingly complex and unpredictable cyber-attacks.

Exabeam’s modern SIEM solution offers unlimited log data collection and threat detection using behavioural modelling, machine learning and analytics, with a built-in incident response system for an automatic and consistent response.

Threat hunting proactively uncovers security threats without the complicated manual queries of legacy SIEMs. User and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) close the security blind spots and reduce the false positives for comprehensive insider, cloud, machine, device, and IoT asset threat detection — for far reaching security without the financial drain.

Exabeam and Brunel University, London

Don’t just take our word for it, click on the link below to see the outcome when Exabeam partnered with Brunel University, London, and find out how they helped control their sensitive data and protect their intellectual property with a cohesive cybersecurity program.

Exabeam Case Study

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