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We operate in a market defined by compliance yet driven by convenience. Consequently, this modern day security paradox has led to confidential information being transferred electronically without appropriate protection. As a result, personal data is frequently lost or mishandled, exposing organisations and individuals to costly fines and damaged reputations.

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Security Made Easy

To address this global challenge, Egress Software Technologies develop integrated email and file encryption software that offers businesses real-time auditing and ‘follow the data’ control. This Government accredited collaboration service leverages a unique combination of on-premise and hosted infrastructure, revolutionising the way individuals and organisations exchange personal or sensitive data.

Desktop Encryption

Egress Switch Desktop encryption simplifies sharing confidential information securely. Install our desktop applications and experience single click email encryption, media encryption, and secure file transfer without the need to install any complex infrastructure.

Switch Desktop encryption can be configured to automatically encrypt sensitive or personal data based on classification, size, content, location, or recipient, enabling businesses to achieve regulatory compliance by mitigating the risk of data loss.

The following video demonstrates sending a secure email via Outlook (also supports Office365) or webmail.

  • David Willcox, Head of Networks, Birkbeck University of London

    The implementation of Khipu’s Pro-Active Support Service ‘KARMA’ was straightforward and it highlighted potential problems the first weekend in operation, preventing a potential service outage. We welcome anything which improves our monitoring and notification capability, and KARMA has proved its worth a number of times since, while releasing staff from day to day monitoring and housekeeping tasks.

  • Network Security Officer, University of Westminster

    Khipu Networks assists us in our mission to allow our students and faculty’s to access many of new emerging web-based applications, but to first and foremost ensure that they and the network they are attached to remains protected. Seeing all that is actually running on our networks finally makes this possible.

Gateway Encryption

Egress Switch Gateway encryption integrates seamlessly with existing web & email content filtering products to offer transparent outbound email & file encryption as well as automated inbound message decryption.

Using Switch Gateway encryption organisations can guarantee that confidential information is protected using ‘follow the data’ control without disrupting internal archive or content filtering processes.

The following video demonstrates how emails or files can be securely shared.

Automated Encryption

Automating business process is an integral part of progressive development. However, in an attempt to maximise efficiency and streamline workflow, sensitive data is often distributed without appropriate security, resulting in costly fines and damaged reputations.

Egress Switch Fusion enables organisations to embed security into the heart of any automated business process – protecting confidential information wherever it resides.

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