The Cequence Unified API Protection (UAP) solution addresses all phases of the API protection lifecycle to defend your APIs from attacks that can lead to data loss, fraud, and business disruption. Cequence UAP provides support for each stage of the API protection lifecycle, that includes discovery, compliance, and protection, that are required to fully protect an organisation from all API threats. Today, Cequence Security secures nearly 7 billion API calls a day and protects more than two billion user accounts across the world largest organisations.

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Unified API Protection covering all stages of API security lifecycle – Discover, Protect and Defend.

Cequence is the only API defence platform which can scale to larger enterprises and currently protects more than 6 billion API transactions every single day. Cequence also protects over 1.3 trillion dollars in customer assets held in over 2 billion accounts globally.

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Poor API visibility is the No.1 challenge companies face today. Discovering APIs and classifying them based on their details and relative risk are essential parts of any organisation’s overall API protection strategy. This clarity ensures IT security teams receive all necessary information about their current risk exposure, as well as what corrective actions to take.


How can an IT security team start to get a handle on API governance? From coding errors to inadvertent exposure of internal APIs and more, there are numerous ways for sensitive information to leak out via an organization’s APIs. Keeping APIs in compliance with specifications, standards, and regulations such as the OpenAPI Specification and ensuring ongoing API governance, is a critical risk management process.


80% of all automated attacks now target APIs. Protect your APIs in real time from malicious automated bot attacks that exploit API vulnerabilities and enable business logic abuse, resulting in fraud and data loss. Using Cequence you can leverage the largest threat database of bot behaviors to track and block automated attacks with unmatched efficacy rates, regardless of how rapidly they retool.

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