Businesses of any size always strive to understand who their customers are to connect and market to them. The Aislelabs product suite addresses this fundamental pain point. Unifying WiFi and any combination of people counting hardware, it provides location intelligence to granularly quantify customer behaviour and their journey within a space. Businesses can leverage these behavioural segments and close the offline-to-online loop through sophisticated customer data acquisition and marketing automation natively on the Aislelabs platform.

Enabling the product takes place remotely with the click of a button and without any physical disruptions or impact to WiFi operations. The Aislelabs platform leverages our partnership with Khipu Networks to enable WiFi marketing and location analytics for shopping centres, airports, food and beverage, hospitality, venues, education, and smart buildings.



Unified Customer Behavioural Analytics at Scale

Flow is a location analytics platform that analyzes customer behaviour inside physical stores. It provides more than 100 interactive reports on key performance indicators based on customer dwell time and behaviour inside specific areas (zones) of a physical space. These metrics can be augmented with an extensive set of integrations including smart cameras, ticketing, POS, people counting or any other existing footfall analytics solutions. The Flow platform delivers insights for operations, consumer insights, marketing, and security teams.

Close the Offline-to-Online Loop

Aislelabs natively offers a Customer Data Platform and marketing automation platform designed for the physical world. The end-to-end Aislelabs platform allows businesses to build sophisticated customer behavioural segments and customer journeys to market directly to them through the platform. Run sophisticated marketing strategies that unify offline and online data to build a loyal customer base and drive ROI at scale.


The Aislelabs platform, enabled over Khipu Networks hardware, has applications for a broad range of industries ranging from: airports and transportation, shopping centres, food and beverage, retail and brands, hospitality, universities and education, and venues.


  1. Gain operational insight.
  2. Analyze your footfall across venues, seasonalities, and geographic locations.
  3. Understand the impact of your marketing promotions through footfall traffic.
  4. Use footfall data to aid your decision making about tenancy and anchor store locations.
  5. Effortlessly build a CRM adding large percentages of your footfall to your customer database.
  6. Get to know your customers through psychographic and demographic intelligence.
  7. Engage your customers with omnichannel digital campaigns.
  8. Conduct granular segmentation of your customer base to understand them based on demographics and behaviour.
  9. Unify data across all your physical properties.


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