Case Study 

Educate your users for effective protection against phishing attacks

Guildford College uses KHIPU’s simulated phishing and associated training services to reduce its risk from phishing attacks.

The Challenge

Like many Further Education institutions, Guildford College manages a diverse range of users and multiple devices. The average user is most certainly not a cyber security expert.

Modern cyber-attacks threaten all types of organisations – but as the college realised, investing in your users means that they can become your strongest layer of defence against phishing attacks.

Guildford College needed to be able to quantify and address its level of risk to phishing attacks, before it was too late.

The college turned to KHIPU Networks to help answer this question and solve the following challenges that are common to many FE institutions;

  • How to quantify its level of risk to phishing attacks
  • Help identify defence limitations and train users in cyber security awareness
  • Ensure confidential college and personal information was not at risk of being compromised
  • Solving these challenges whilst continuing to invest in network protection was viewed as expensive

The Solution

The college ran a simulated phishing and awareness campaign to get a view on user’s reactions and gauge their level of risk from the results of the simulated attack.

All users were then given comprehensive training and education tools to support ongoing awareness.

Risk prevention reporting also enabled the college to identify a detailed risk factor to attacks including any limitations in its perimeter security as well as its users.

The Result

KHIPU’s simulated phishing service enabled the college to;

  • Identify its weaknesses and measure its risk at any point.
  • Quickly help users understand the risk associated with phishing and what to look out for.
  • Raise immediate awareness to those who need it, without singling-out individuals.
  • Improve security posture after the initial campaign.
  • Establish a training plan for ongoing awareness.
  • Cost effectively provide an ongoing solution for actively  protecting the College against phishing.
  • Mark Mckay, Guildford College

    “Two of the most valuable tools in the defence against Phishing are to understand the level of risk and to identify those who need awareness training. Using the simulated phishing services, provided by Khipu Networks, gave us the ability to be one step ahead of attacks and offer an education on good practices to our users which they can use anywhere in life”.

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