Cyber Attack Business Impact Calculator

Cyber Attack Business Impact Calculator

The Business Impact Calculator is an easy-to-use ROI tool that supports the strategic decisions you need to make in order to protect your organisation.

By inputting specific information about your environment, we produce a report that shows you how to consolidate existing security tool investments, demonstrates operational productivity gains and details reduced costs of attacks if you invested into a SOC MDR service.

Tool Consolidation

Analyzes the spend on security tools including: endpoint protection, endpoint detection and response, network analysis tools, SIEM, user and entity behaviour analytics tools etc. and how the implementation of Cortex managed / extended detection and response (MDR/ XDR) instead of other tools can reduce spend.

Operating Productivity Gains

Analyzes how much time and money is spent dealing with alerts, incidents, investigations and how Cortex XDR/ MDR will reduce costs while allowing IT teams to perform higher value, more proactive security research, threat hunting, and other tasks.

Reduction in Cost of Attacks

Analyzes the costs of mitigated and unmitigated attacks, and how Cortex XDR and KHIPU MDR have the ability to reduce the time to find and mitigate these attacks, as well as reduce the overall costs and exposure.

Our ‘Always Available’ MDR service provides 24x7x365 advanced cyber defence across endpoints, networks and the cloud – proactively identifying and blocking malware, ransomware, file and file-less attacks by focusing on five key areas; Identify, Alert, Investigate, Mitigate and Continuous Improvement.

Powered by Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR

Our MDR service utilises Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR solution which delivers a consolidated approach to cyber security, leveraging existing investments in perimeter security, log collector platforms and more. Furthermore, the service is not limited to Palo Alto Networks environments, it fully supports leading technologies including Fortinet, Checkpoint and Cisco. It’s industry’s only open and integrated AI-based continuous SOC platform that significantly improves security outcomes through automation and unprecedented accuracy.

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