Health Care

Network security solutions for ‘life-depending’ requirements.

Health Care

Network uptime, availability and security are major factors that our HEALTH sector customers rely on, to ensure they can deliver round the clock Clinical and Non-Clinical services to their users whether doctors, clinicians, patients or visitors. Working with our Hospital customers, we have developed a number of solutions that help address these critical ‘life-depending’ requirements.

WiFi Services

  • Provide pervasive, reliable and high performance “life-depending” wireless networking everywhere
  • Hospital branded and self-service Guest WiFi for your patients, visitors and guests
  • Deliver BYOD wireless services and flexible clinical application access without compromising security
  • Shared services; enabling other organisations including nearby hospitals, universities and authorities to access resources securely from your location and vice versa.

Data Networking

  • High performance, resilient and easy to manage / maintain Core to Edge Data Networking
  • Environmental and Datacentre friendly networking; 100GB+ in a single cabinet
  • Cost effective and reliable data, designed for mission critical networks

Core Network Services (DDI) – the heart of your network;

  • Centralise and ease of management / delegation of your DNS, DHCP and IPAM services
  • Complete uptime and resilience of your ‘mission critical’ Core Network Services environment
  • Transform traditional manual tasks to a dynamic automated and efficient process

Network Access Control (NAC):

  • Complete Network Visibility of every device connected; “who, what, where and when” Including Non-Browser devices e.g. clinical devices, CCTV, BMS.
  • Automatically Identify, Alert and Block ‘unauthorised’ device access
  • Dynamic network provisioning for all Trust-owned devices including syringe pumps that connect direct to pharmacy, Heart Pumps, X-ray machines

Next Generation Firewalls

  • Gain visibility and control of all applications (including URL), threats, bandwidth usage by user, devices and group
  • Deliver a Transparent Proxy environment to your users
  • Consolidate your Firewalls, IPS, Web Filtering and VPN systems into a single high performance solution

After Sales Support and Services

Working partnership with our Hospital customers, providing the above solutions, we have learnt that ‘after-sales support’ is one of their major requirements and have had poor experiences with suppliers in the past including;

  • Selling equipment only “box-shifters”, with no after sales support or maintenance services
  • Call centre support with no knowledge of the product or solution sold
  • Limited or no support services in the event of an issue, query or major fault
  • Customer care is not a priority, unless they can sell you something

Khipu’s ethos is to provide ‘outstanding’ technical and after sales support to our customers, during and after a project implementation. Our goal is to have exceptional customer references that can then enable our business to grow and who will provide testimonials to customers who are considering our solutions. Please click KARMA for more details.

Our customer references include; Royal Brompton and Harefield Foundation NHS Trust, Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Barts Health NHS Trust, South London CSU (formerly Sussex HIS), Royal Sussex County Hospital, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals, North Middlesex University Hospital NHS Trust and County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust.

We can provide resilient, secure network delivery systems for critical Healthcare requirements (for clinicians, patients and visitors)