Working with central & local government to meet a diverse range of requirements.


Working with Government institutions to meet changing requirements and protect against Cyber Security Threats

Khipu has over 8 years’ experience of providing a range of cyber security solutions into Government organisations, working with central and local government to meet a diverse range of requirements.

Khipu provide a diverse range of Cyber Security products, services and support offerings which can be deployed and certified to meet UK CESG prescribed requirements.

BYOD demand and the increased emergence of more targeted Cyber-attacks has stretched many existing security deployments. Throwing more “stuff” into the security strategy is not always the best answer.

Khipu partners with Government institutions to understand the problems and recommend the right technology to secure the network, meet the demands of the users and to enable a more manageable Cyber Strategy for future requirements.

Some of these areas include:-

Perimeter Defence (i.e. Firewall)

  • How applications and threats can easily evade traditional security mechanisms
  • Which applications are most commonly found and the risks they pose
  • Best practices for identifying and safely enabling the applications on your network

Secure Enterprise WiFi

  • Easily deployed and managed WiFi which adheres to CESG’s architectural patterns.
  • Extend secure wireless networking to remote offices, tele-workers and to support disaster recovery events.
  • Identify, contain and log threats and suspicious activity on or near your WiFi networks
  • Support Guest / Visitor / Library wireless users securely and easily

BYOD & NAC Strategy:-

Bring your own device (BYOD) and Network Access Control (NAC) strategies should be integrated to provide full access, visibility and control of users, devices and applications on your network.

  • Identify who, what, where and when across wired and wireless networks
  • MDM – Mobile Device Management:- Securely enrol phones / tablets / laptops onto your network and manage device access (including: secure wipe if compromised or lost and many other features)
  • MAM – Mobile Application Management:- Securely push applications to devices, manage users application access, VPN or location specific and have 100% control over who / what and when
  • Integrate with perimeter defence systems
  • Have confidence that devices connecting to your network are permitted to connect, are safe to connect (meets all security or device policy requirements) and that you can control or block access as required

Core Network Services – DDI

DHCP, DNS and IP address management (DDI) are often overlooked and forgotten critical systems.

Without DHCP your devices will fail to dynamically receive an IP address, without DNS your devices will be unable to find / connect to common services. If you fail to manage your IP address space, you may find you have incorrect / out of date records, security issues, limitations in available IP addresses and subnets as well as a range of helpdesk hitting issues such as duplicate IP addresses etc.

We have migrated many customers to centralised, resilient integrated DDI which has improved performance / reliability and significantly streamlined processes and procedures to ensure 100% accurate records and audit trails.