Network security for private enterprise companies.


Private enterprise companies need to be as dynamic and flexible as possible, yet require just as much stringent security as many of our Government customers.

Increasingly we find that many companies have expensive but unstructured security deployments which fail to identify many threats / vulnerabilities or provide flexibility to support new initiatives.

Khipu has a range of Cyber Security Products which can greatly assist a company to securely meet current and future requirements.

Some key solutions for enterprise customers include:-

  •  Perimeter Firewalls
  •  Data Centre Firewalls
  •  Enabling BYOD Strategies
  •  Mobile Device Management
  •  Mobile Application Management
  •  Remote Offices / Tele-worker access
  •  Enterprise WiFi
  •  Enabling and managing secure private cloud initiatives
  •  Resilient and high performance DHCP/DNS and IP Address management solutions
  •  Outsourcing monitoring / support
  •  Managed Services

Whatever your Cyber Security requirement, Khipu can help your business become smarter, faster and enable your staff to work more efficiently yet more securely.