Khipu Networks is an Ekahau Gold Partner and experienced provider of enterprise secure wireless, RFID and RTLS solutions.

Since 2000, Ekahau has been the performance leader in providing RFID-over-Wi-Fi™ Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS). Ekahau RTLS works everywhere you have Wi-Fi (802.11 network) designed for voice or data, with no extra cabling infrastructure required.

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Ekahau’s mission is to make the invisible visible. Its patented Ekahau Vision™ location analytics platform, together with Ekahau Wi-Fi tags, give staff unprecedented visibility into the location, condition and status of assets, people and workflows across departments. Its software takes location data and reveals the business intelligence you need to improve decision-making across the board – that’s why more than 1,400 customers including hospitals, schools, manufacturing plants and other facilities rely on Ekahau RTLS every day.

Together, Ekahau Vision™ software and Ekahau Wi-Fi tags reveal business intelligence with the power to transform your organization. Use your existing Wi-Fi network (WLAN) to gain real-time visibility into the assets, people and workflows that drive business with our innovative RFID-over-Wi-Fi™ (Real-Time Location System or RTLS) platform.

Ekahau, Inc. is privately owned by its employees, founders, and venture capital investors. Ekahau investors include Nexit Ventures, 3M Company, Finnish Industry Investment Ltd, Sampo Group, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation TEKES, ETV Capital London, and a group of individual investors.

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